Water Sommelier

Honouring the single most important resource on our planet – water. Switzerland, with its 1,500 lakes, 890 km² of glaciers and countless rivers and streams is known for its crisp and clear drinking water. To our Swiss National F&B Manager Julien Hediger, becoming a Water Sommelier and making his homelands’ water diversity accessible to our guests was a matter of the heart. New for this season, a unique water menu is now available boasting delicious locally sourced Swiss waters and opportunity to celebrate and appreciate Switzerland’s water diversity by booking one of our water-tasting and water pairing workshops.

Water has healing powers. We have matched a few treatments at Le Grand Spa with specifically paired waters that will support and enhance the effects of the chosen treatment.

Our menu at LEONARD’s has been re-worked to include some dishes that are 100% locally sourced. These dishes can be easily recognised on our menu or ask a member of our team for more information.