Le Grand Bellevue at Home

A sense of the Alps from your armchair…

Dear Friends and Family,

We remain optimistic that we may welcome you back again soon, but whilst you stay safely at home, we would like to ensure you are equipped with a few spoiling Bellevue touches to keep you feeling relaxed and looked after during these unsettling times.

We hope the below tips will bring you a sense of the hotel and some Alpine soul to keep your spirits high and surroundings serene over this period.

We are missing you and wishing you the very best health.

With all our best,
Daniel Koetser & Le Grand Bellevue team


Longing for the unique sounds of Swiss summer? We’ve pulled together a playlist of our favourite traditional and nature-based tracks to relax to over a glass of wine.


  1. The Sound of Switzerland
  2. Jodelklub Wiesenberg-Blume
  3. The Spirit of Alphorn-Brass-Blaskapelle
  4. Land ob de Wolke-Jodelklub Wiesenberg
  5. Swiss Alphorn Music


Craving a new 6pm cocktail pick-me-up? See in the weekend with our famed Bellevue Smash! Simple to make and delicious to sip in a sun-washed garden.

You’ll need:
40ml gin (we recommend Hendricks if you have it)
Half a lemon or lime
10ml sugar syrup
2 blackberries
2 raspberries

Crush the berries in a shaker
Add the sugar syrup, gin and lemon juice
Shake over ice for 20 seconds and serve!


Missing Alpine parties as much as we are? Recreate the magic at home with a hearty, Swiss dish Zürcher Geschnetzeltes which is simple to prepare and oh so delicious to eat!

You’ll need (serves 5):
600g veal fillet strips
10ml peanut oil
500g white mushrooms, finely sliced
50g butter
Lemon juice
50g shallots, finely sliced
200ml white wine
100ml veal jus
250ml cream
50ml whipped cream
Chives, finely cut

1.5kg creamy potatoes
50g butter


  1. Boil the unpeeled potatoes in salted water until soft. Leave to cool, then peel and grate with a potato grater. Season with salt and pepper. In a coated frying pan, spread and fry the rösti  (potatoes mixed with fresh butter) over a medium heat, pressing drown gently until crisp on both sides.
  2. Sauté the veal fillet strips in the peanut oil until just coloured and season with salt and pepper. Keep warm in the oven at 60 °C.
  3. Use the same pan to sauté the white mushrooms in the butter. Add the shallots and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice, then deglaze with white wine and reduce. Add the veal jus and cream and let the sauce cook until creamy.
  4. Add the veal strips and finish off with the whipped cream, chives and parsley.



Give your immune system a much-needed nutrient boost with our delicious, antioxidant-packed smoothie.

You’ll need:

100g ripe mango
30g avocado
4 basil leaves
40g spinach
1 tbsp chili
1 tbsp curry powder
1 hazelnut-sized piece of ginger
150ml water
Pinch of cardamom

  1. Peel the mango and avocado, cut into small chunks and place in a blender
  2. Add basil, spinach, chili and curry powder
  3. Blend all ingredients with 100ml of water
  4. Add the additional 50ml water and blend again
  5. Top off with a pinch of cardamom


Looking to upgrade your self-care routine? Why not try something different with our milk and honey foot bath.

You’ll need:
0.5l milk (any type)
2 tbsp honey
A splash of warm water

Simply mix together and submerge for soft and supple feet!