As a Positive Luxury certified and butterfly-mark accredited brand, we proudly meet the highest standards of verified innovation and environmental performance so you can be confident that your time spent with us is ethical and low-impact. The combination of health and our environment is a priority for Le Grand Bellevue, when you visit, we keep this no secret. Whilst our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is far-reaching, please see below an overview of some of the positive action we are taking:

◊ We use organic amenities throughout the hotel and Le Grand Spa
◊ We are Sapo Cycle premium members, ensuring the proper recycling all our soaps in a socially responsible way
◊ We use locally sourced products and ensure supply chain needs are met within Switzerland wherever possible
◊ We operate with 100% Swiss hydro-power
◊ We use bio-gas production and implement cyclical waste recycling
◊ We have LED’s installed throughout the hotel
◊ We use Electro charging stations which are available to all guests
◊ We only use eco-friendly and carefully dosed cleaning products
◊ We have launched Le Grand Bellevue App and a digital guest directory called Bookvideo to contribute to a reduction in print paper materials with all menus available online

Adapting our menus to use seasonal produce throughout the year, our relationships with local farmers and fishermen allow us to source the best produce, factoring in the importance of investing
in our local economy.